BKGP-25 Grouting Machine
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BKGP-25 Grouting Machine

  1. Simple, compact structure, performance is remarkable, the economic and reasonable price.
  2. Use the 380V power supply, small volume, convenient to move, simple operation and maintenance.
  3. Grout below 5mm various building mortar, can be equipped with special connector, can be continuous grouting.
  4. Passive pressure. When the slurry filling, pressure increased, easy to control and maintain grouting pressure.
  5. Can be used for surface spraying operations (need to form a complete set of spray gun and air compressor).
Use scope:
Such as window, anti-theft door grouting, concrete buildings, railway tunnels, highway Bridges, culverts, urban subway, hydropower station, the dam slope harbour engineering such as crack, construction joint, expansion joint grouting waterproof plugging and anchor grouting, the grouting solidarity, backfill grouting and curtain grouting, soft rock reinforcement, honeycomb structure, soil cement grouting or composite grouting engineering, etc.

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