BK-850 Multi-function Spraying Machine
BK-850 Multi-function Spraying Machine GROUT PUMP Singapore, Ang Mo Kio. Supplier, Supply, Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Rental | Boke Tools Machinery Pte Ltd
BK-850 Multi-function Spraying Machine

  1. Spray gun and feeding tube connections can rotate and easy operation.
  2. Construction of high efficiency and good quality.
  3. Small size, convenient for on-site handling, and low cost of accessories.
Product Application
  1. Plugging engineering applications
Water leakage of expansion joint, subway, tunnels, mine plugging, leak-proof projects, dams & other flood water leakage plugging projects.
  1. Structure reinforcement projection applications crack
Reinforcement, bridge reinforcement, floor reinforcement.
  1. Waterproof spray
Indoor and outdoor spraying, cement mortar spraying, putty powder coating, grouting, waterproof grouting and waterproof surface spraying, garden spraying, handicraft spraying, latex paint

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